A successful young YouTuber of Bangladesh is Ashadul Hoque

A successful young YouTuber of Bangladesh is Ashadul Hoque

Photo : Ashadul Hoque

Ashadul Hoque is currently a successful young YouTuber. He has become popular by making videos on YouTube at a very young age. Ashadul Hoque's father's name is Ziabul Haque and mother's name is Kamrun Necha. Her father is a businessman and mother is a house wife.He was born on 10 Oct 2008 in Chawkbazar area of ​​Chittagong. He is studying in South Asia School. Currently he earns a lot of money from YouTube.

Ashadul Hoque said that it took me a long time to establish myself on YouTube and I faced a lot of difficulties. But today I am successful.

Ashadul Hoque said about being successful on YouTube, Before starting your career on YouTube, you must first target a specific niche. So what is the most profitable niche?

When it comes to choosing a niche, instead of checking which niche will be the most profitable, check what you are good at. For example, let's say you're good at image editing. In this case you can create a channel and upload useful videos on the topic of editing.

That is, first understand what you are good at. Remember, you can only teach others what you are good at. Choosing a niche like this will be the most profitable for you.

Many of us know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The YouTube SEO formula can work great in getting your videos in front of more people on YouTube and making videos go viral.

However, YouTube video SEO is not very complicated. YouTube Video SEO refers to content such as keyword research, video titles, tags, thumbnails, descriptions, etc. So pay special attention to these things while doing SEO. Be sure to select video titles with keyword research in particular.

Keyword research will get you a lot of traffic from YouTube search.

Maintain regularity in uploading content. But that doesn't mean you have to go through videos every day.

If you give 3 videos a week, upload three videos every week. At the same time, you must maintain the upload time. That is, if you upload the video today at 7 pm, then when you upload it later, you must do it exactly at 7 pm.

In this way try to upload videos regularly keeping time and regularity. As a result your channel will start growing faster. If you continue to work in this way, you will be successful on YouTube, said Ashadul Hoque.
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