Published: Saturday, April 16, 2022
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Who does Allah love most?


Ask yourself who and what Allah loves most is a sign of sincere love for the Almighty.

This shows that you are aware of your actions and want to work on your character to please Allah. It also represents your desire to draw closer to your Creator and strengthen your relationship with Him.
Surely Allah loves those who strive every day to become better Muslims. That said, here are the five qualities of a believer loved by the Almighty, as mentioned in the Quran:

Repentance and Purification

“Indeed, Allah likes those who continuously feel regretful and loves those who purify themselves.” Al-Baqarah: 222


“And if two factions between believers should fight, then settle between the two. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight the oppressor until he returns to Allah’s command. And if he comes back, settle between them in justice and act with justice. Surely, Allah loves those who act righteously.” Al-Hujurat: 9


“Yes, whoever achieves his agreement and fears Allah, surely Allah loves those who fear Him.” Al-Imran: 76


“And rush to mercy from your Lord and a garden as wide as the paradises and earth, prepared for the moral who spend in the cause of Allah during ease and adversity and who confine anger and who pardon the people and Allah loves the doers of good.” Al-Imran: 133-134


“And how many prophets with him fought many spiritual academics. But they never lost confidence because of what made them suffer in the way of Allah, did not become weak or subdued. And Allah loves the steadfast.” Al-Imran: 146

May we be fortunate enough to be among those whom Allah loves and have the highest rank in the Jannah.


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