Published: Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Last Update News 2022-09-26T23:11:52Z

Best ways to start Ramadan


Ramadan is the month of fasting, mercy, blessings, forgiveness, devotion and sacrifice. Muslims across the world aimed to pass the month for satisfying the Almighty Allah.

The beginning or start is very important for everything in our life. The start of Ramadan, however, is not an exception here. We need to focus on things that will guide us to start the holy month of Ramadan with the mercy of Almighty Allah.

The best way to start Ramadan is the way you ended the month in the last year. That means you need to start the month with the same passion and same commitment showed by you last year for the month. In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to help you to start the holy month of Ramadan with a blast.

1. You need to put full concentration when you stand for prayer from the very beginning of the month. The concentration and taste of talking to Almighty Allah should be in your heart. As a result, your body should be calm and your soul submerged in the light of prayer.

2. When you make dua, let it all out, give it to Allah now, feeling impoverished to him as you did last year at the end of Ramadan. The Prophet said, “Duas of a fasting person are accepted.”

3. Let the tears flow when it comes during the month of Ramadan. Keep in mind that dry land can’t grow much and the same things go for dry hearts. So, it is very important to let the tears flow. And keep trying to follow this from the very beginning of the month. Sit alone with Allah and cry for forgiveness.

4. In times of remembering Allah, do so with the same focus and commitment you did last year. Wherever you remember Allah, you should ask for blessings and forgiveness for you, as is mentioned in the Holy Quran.

5. From the very beginning of the month, start guarding your tongue and character. Besides, try to make the best use of time from the very beginning of the month of Ramadan. After passing a few days of Ramadan, we start criticizing ourselves for not using the best of it. So, it will be a wise move to get ready from the first day of the holy month.

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