Published: Monday, April 4, 2022
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Tips for healthy Ramadan fasting


Fasting is an important ritual of many religious traditions and can be accomplished safely. However, if you have any medical condition, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes or another medical condition, it is best to consult a religious leader or physician. They will be able to determine whether you should fast all the time or you can skip a few of them.

And if you’re taking medications, be sure to ask your healthcare provider if it’s safe to skip them or if they can be taken without food or liquids.
Fasting during Ramadan is also a mental exercise as well as a physical exercise. Here are some tips that can help to adjust our minds and bodies for the daily fast:

Stay hydrated

Try to drink several times a night, even if you’re not too thirsty. Being thirsty is a sign of being your body dehydrated. Choose non-caffeinated liquids, as caffeinated beverages can be dehydrating. Remember that breaking your fast in times of Iftar with water is not only traditional but also ensures that you are getting the best source of hydration in your body.

Variety is the spice of life

Eat a variety of foods during the Iftar. In times of Ramadan, your body needs good nutrition than ever to offset the stress of fasting. Whole grains, vegetables, fruit, lean protein, healthy fats (vegetable fats, like olive oil and nuts), all of these are important to give your body all essential nutrients. 

Portion size is important

It takes about 20 minutes for the body to realize that it has eaten enough. So don’t overload the body while eating in Iftar. Eating consciously and listening when you’re really hungry will help put less stress on your body and give you more energy than eating too much at once. 

Keep moving

Although fasting can be physically exhausting, try not to be completely sedentary. If you usually train in the morning, see how your body feels if you switch to the evening after fasting. However, exercise is not a good idea during the day as you can quickly become dehydrated.

Trust your body

Each person is individual and may feel better with different ways of eating. If you’re having trouble with fasting and these tips don’t work for you, talk to a dietitian or other healthcare professional for more specific advice based on your condition.


Ramadan is the happiest month of the year. Dine with others, show goodwill and be patient with your body and with others.

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