Published: Monday, April 4, 2022
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Nutritional values why dates are called superfood


After breaking the fast, the Iftar meal begins. Most people break their fast by eating dates. Do you know why dates are eaten to break the fast? What are the nutritional value of dates?

The nutritional value of dates

Experts say that there are many types of nutrients in dates. It contains calories, fiber, protein. Minerals include potassium, magnesium and copper. Contains Vitamin B6 and Iron. In other words, dates are packed with multiple nutrients.

Dates can be called a superfood because they have a lot of antioxidants. And since these nutrients are present in dates, many people eat dates during Sohri. Then break the fast and eat dates first.

The importance of dates in overcoming heart problems is immense. It contains potassium and insoluble fiber. However, following the advice of doctors, you should eat dates if you have heart problems.

Dates are very good for brain health. Its antioxidants are very helpful in reducing inflammation. Dates can control iron and fiber cholesterol. Dates are rich in potassium. It controls high blood pressure.

Dates add energy. It contains a lot of fiber, glucose, potassium. Contains sucrose. Dates help in digestion. Dates activate the use of protein in the body. Stimulates metabolism. Dates are very good for patients with hypertension.

If anybody suffers from anemia, dates can eliminate it. For those who are deficient in blood, dates are good for them.


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