Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Last Update News 2023-01-30T20:52:52Z

How to use the chat GPT ?


It is an artificial intelligence bot that can do almost anything you think it can do like writing. It can help you in any task and even it can make a recipe. Chat was created by GPT and launched in November 2020. Originally it was an artificial intelligence chat bot developed by open ai, basically a large language model.

From the creators of Dall-e and gpt-3 comes an incredible new AI chatbot called Chat GPT. Open AI has granted public access to free chat during a study that gives us a glimpse into the future of what life could be like with AI. Drafting a letter to the boss, explaining hard-to-do ideas can chat gpt. All you have to do is type a question. It still has limitations.

It has a lot of knowledge to share, not just asking about current affairs. Chat GPT completed its training in 2021 and is not yet designed to browse the Internet for new information. It differs from previous language models published by OpenAI in that it can refuse to answer a question if the information is harmful or could lead to illegal activity. It can remember things you've asked before or if you've said something like that. If it's false, it can call you. Chat GPT is easy to use thanks to a minimalist interface. Much like a normal messaging app, you can type in the text box and press enter. Click the arrow button to send the message.

It may take time to create a process but once done the answer will appear directly below your question. The model is optimized for conversation which means you don't have to type a full sentence every time you have a follow-up question. You can chat with GPT as normal. Any follow-up questions will be added to the conversation thread that you can refer back to. If you want to start a new conversation, press the Reset Thread button found in the left menu. You'll notice that changing just one word in a question can change the process of Chat GPT, so if the model doesn't seem to be answering your question well, try re-phrasing the sentence.

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