Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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What is Chat GPT ?


Chat GPT: Technology is advancing rapidly in the world. And in this journey, the role of virtual driver is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on which the technology companies are further organizing their services. Chat GPT is currently in the headlines in the open AI world. A search tool based on artificial intelligence. The answer to the open AI field so far was Dall-E, an open AI image generator. which helps to create images from text.

However, the arrival of Chat GPT in November this year has created an uproar among tech enthusiasts on social media. But what is this chat GPT? Why is everyone so excited about this technology? Let's find out some facts.

What is Chat GPT? (what is Chat GPT)

Chat GPT is a chat bot. Which we sometimes see in various social media apps. But its structure and way of working is completely different. This chatbot is built based on GPT 3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3). It is a state-of-the-art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. This chatbot is capable of producing human-like text. This chatbot displays the answer to any question of the user in a very constructive and simple way.

What are the benefits of this?

Chatbots created by AI models are completely accurate and display results logically. As a result, the user is easier to understand. And this chatbot works without any third party intervention i.e. advertisement. This chatbot can write poems for you, write answers to your exam questions, this chatbot is capable of answering multiple questions from Economics-Chemistry.

How does Chat GPT work? (How Does it work Chat GPT)

This OpenAI chatbot is trained from text databases available on the Internet. This Chat GPT is rich in more than 570 GB of data from various sources including web pages, web texts, books, Wikipedia, articles on the Internet. Not only this, this chat bot has a repository of 300 billion words. Also it is able to predict what should be the next word in a sentence.

If you go to Chat GPT and search What is inflation ? He will give his appropriate accurate answer. But that doesn't mean it can work properly. If the answer is wrong for any reason then the reassigned staff inputs the correct answer to the question into the system. As a result, the knowledge base of Chat GPT continues to grow. Later he can answer any question more quickly and accurately.

Disadvantages of Chat GPT? (Disadvantage of Chat GPT)

Although there are some advantages, many people are still not sure about Chat GPT. Basically, only text results are available in this chat bot. No video or visual results. Not only this, it is not able to answer about recent happenings or issues. Because the database it has in the system is relatively old. Moreover it displays answers according to the database it has in its system. But in various cases it may not be absolutely correct.

But as a result of this technology, Google (Chat GPT & Google) is somewhat on the backfoot.

Seeing this success of Chat GPT, the world's largest search engine Google (Google) is practically worried. Hopefully everyone can guess the reason. In fact, Google search engine contributes about 80 percent of the company's total revenue. So in this case, the popularity of Chat GPT and AI search tools has become a headache for them. And seeing that, the tech giant Google recently announced 'Code Red'.

What is this Code Red?

Code Red is Google's upcoming chat bot. Which will beat Chat GPT. But the surprising thing is, a company that has been in the search engine business for 20 years could not develop an AI chat bot keeping in mind the advancement of technology? If you are wondering, Google already has an AI chatbot called LaMDA. But Google is reluctant to release it to the public because of potential reputational risks.

Google's reputation will be greatly impacted if Google's chat bot gives a wrong answer. Because users expect a lot from this company. According to sources, Google is planning to compete with other AI chat bots including Chat GPT. For this, the company is committed to creating a separate tech team.

According to University of Washington professor Margaret O'Mara, no organization is invincible; Everyone is vulnerable. For companies that have been extraordinarily successful doing one market-defining job, it's hard to do a second job doing something completely different.

But Google engineer Blake Lemoine claims in this context, this is a very sensitive matter. This technology shows how much chatbot technology has improved in recent months. However, some experts believe that instead of fixing the search engine, Google will choose to improve it.

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