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What is one of the causes of kidney stones?


70% of our body is water. And the kidney works to maintain the oxygen level in the blood stream by purifying this water. However, if there are kidney stones, this work is greatly hindered.

Kidney is an important organ of the vertebrate body which is the main part of the body's excretory system. Its main function is to filter the blood, separate waste products (such as urea) and produce urine. But even if uric acid increases in the body, experts believe that kidney problems can occur.

Many people think that when uric acid increases in the body, it only causes pain in different parts of the body and joints. However, experts say that in many patients, this uric acid is not limited to the cause of pain, it also starts working to form kidney stones.

Researchers say that if uric acid increases in the body and causes pain and swelling and redness at the site of pain, then the patient must be alert.

Dr. Rudrajit Pal, a prominent medicine specialist at Amri Hospital in India, said that one of the causes of kidney stones is uric acid.

He also said that the first symptom of kidney stones is pain in the patient. And that is stomach or back pain. But this pain is different from other pains. Kidney problems can sometimes lead to blood in the urine. But when the disease spreads deeper, kidney stones gradually start accumulating in the urinary tract.

Urine infection is usually caused by not drinking enough water, holding urine for a long time. Besides, if the amount of uric acid in the body increases due to chemotherapy or any other reason, kidney stones accumulate.

To diagnose this disease, the doctor first checks the history of the patient. Then the patient has to undergo a CT or MRI test. The presence of kidney stones can be understood with these two tests.

However, doctors wait some more time to understand the location and type of kidney stones. If the type of kidney stone is small, doctors start treatment by taking medicine and enough water. And if the type of kidney stone is large, without delay, doctors decide to perform surgery to remove the kidney stone.

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