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Sadiqur Rahman Shohag is a young social worker in Gazipur

Photo : Sadiqur Rahman Shohag 

Sadiqur Rahman Shohag was born in 14 October, 2003 born at Gazipur in a village named Begumpur. Sadiqur Rahman Shohag is a very kindhearted person. He loves to be in politics. 

He is the founder of a committee called 'Begumpur Student Committee '. By this he help the poor people. He gather some young boys to work with him. He always try to help the people. He is also a famous boy in social media. 

He knows everything about online tactic's tactic's.So everyone loves him. Sadiqur Rahman Shohag is a very common person in his village. He is now working to spread his social activities in a bigger range. So we pray that he will be successful oneday. 

Sadiqur Rahman Shohag is very popular among the young generation. He is very helpful. With his social work he earns popularity in a bigger range. Most of the people of Gazipur districts knows him. His friends are also loves him. He is now getting compliments from everywhere. So that we can hopely say that he will be a public figure in a very short time.