Mahfuj Hassan Yash is a popular face in Digital Marketing

 Photo : Mahfuj Hassan Yash 

Mahfuj Hassan Yash, a rising name in digital marketing. At early age, he has not only achieved several milestones but he has also inspired several people around him. He used to hunt through different books and websites, having all the treasured information that would help him to grow in the field of digital marketing. He is thoroughly working with various people and companies in order to acquiring valuable experiences before professionally get him enter to the field.

  • How did Mahfuz Hasan Yash's journey start ?

As a habitant of rural area, Mahfuj Hassan Yash could not get any opportunities. After coming Dhaka City of Bangladesh, he has gained knowledge how internet and technology works. From seeing vast opportunities in digital marketing, he desired to have the possibilities the field has provided him.

He worked hard to have the digital marketing knowledge and aspects and till working through this field to implement his aim in true. Mahfuj says,"I spend more than I have earned."

Tangail  is still a pupil and he is studying in Sristy Academic School, Tangail. Beside his study he is now known as digital marketer. Not only a digital marketer but also as an artist he used to exercise singing and acting. It is really appreciating to have all these merits and skills only in teenage like Mahfuj.
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