Syed Rasel Ahmed of Bangladesh is dreaming of success in freelancing

Photo : Syed Rasel Ahmed

The next world is information technology. If you want to move forward, you have to have the knowledge of proper information technology. Not everyone is able to catch a golden deer called a job after reading a book. The result is unemployment. Working youths are breaking down in despair. But Syed Rasel Ahmed is different from all other youths.

Syed Rasel Ahmed's house is in Bagha union of Golapganj upazila of Sylhet. Instead of running after a job, he has chosen freelancing as his career as well as doing YouTube.

Speaking to G Voice24 recently with Syed Rasel Ahmed, he said that his dream since childhood was to work in IT. It is the process of building yourself as your own boss without being subordinate to anyone. And choose freelancing to live a peaceful life!

Addressing the unemployed youth, he said that the opportunity to build a career in freelancing is open without running towards the golden deer called job. This is the place to prove yourself. This profession is popular among the dreamy youth. He also called for freelancing of unemployed youth.

He thinks that every human being should work honestly. Hard work leads people to the pinnacle of success. If you work with honesty and patience, success will come.

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