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Best foods for the liver

The liver, an organ about the size of a football, is an important part of our body. Many health problems may occur due to any bad effects on the liver.

Our unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason for harming our liver which guides to several problems, including weight gain, heart disease, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and allergies. So, it is very essential to keep the liver in good shape to lead a healthy life.

Today we will suggest some food to keep your body and liver healthy. Let’s have a look:


The antioxidant of lemon helps to keep the liver clean and the D-limonene component of it activates liver enzymes. Moreover, vitamin C in lemons helps to create more enzymes in the liver which are useful for the digestive system. Lemon mineral increases the absorption power of various nutrients in the liver. So, one should eat lemon or drink lemon juice every day to keep the liver in good shape.


To keep the liver clean, garlic is considered one of the best food. Garlic enzymes cleanse the harmful toxic substances of the liver. Two more ingredients named allicin and selenium keep the liver clean and protect it from harmful toxic substances. Eat at least 2/3 garlic cloves at any time of the day. You would also take vitamins made with garlic following the advice of a doctor.


Consuming an apple a day keeps the liver healthy. Pectin and fiber in Apple remove toxins from the body’s digestive inlet and cholesterol from the blood. Apples contain some more ingredients like malic acid which naturally removes harmful toxins from the blood. Any type of apple is good for the liver. So to keep the liver healthy, eat an apple every day.