Published: Thursday, April 21, 2022
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These trees will keep your house cool


We usually think of AC to keep the house cool when it gets hot. But did you know that if you plant some trees inside the house in warm weather, the temperature of the house can be reduced?
Indoor plants are not the only natural process that keeps the house cool. This type of plant also helps to add moisture to the indoor air. Proper planting can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius, according to a study from the University of Vermont. So let's find out which plants help to keep the house cool without AC in hot weather-

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very well known plant. In addition to its numerous medicinal benefits, the plant also helps absorb toxins from the air. As well as keeping the heat and oxygen levels under control, its pair is a fair weight.

Small rubber tree

Rubber trees absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the environment. Excess carbon dioxide is able to retain heat for a long time, so the house heats up faster when the amount of carbon dioxide in the house increases. So this tree is very effective in maintaining the level of oxygen and warmth in the house.

Snake plants

Many people now plant snake plants in small tubs at home. This plant can also help reduce room temperature. This plant increases the level of oxygen. This tree is very suitable for keeping in the bedroom or sitting area.

Money plant

According to experts, money plants are very effective in purifying the air. The Golden Pothos or Money Plant can remove multiple toxins from the air. Many people also consider this tree as a symbol of good luck. Pure air is always colder.

Erica Palm

If you have space at home, you may keep Erica Palm in the living room. This is a brother to the palm tree. Another palm keeps the house cool on one side and looks good on the other. Not only home, this tree is also used to decorate hotels, offices and other open spaces.

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