Published: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
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Internet entrepreneur Abed Sarker is earning lakhs by freelancing

Photo : Abed Sarker

Holding an indomitable desire in his chest, he turned to the Internet to fulfill his cherished dreams. Abed Sarker, a young man from Narsingdi started to explore various sites including Google and YouTube all day long without any training. He is now earning about lakhs of rupees per month from various foreign companies by working as a freelancer on the Internet.

Abed is now not only himself but he is also training others in freelancing from remote areas. Many young people of the area have become successful by following the path shown by him. Now many of them are working as freelancers in local and foreign companies.

Abed is the son of Abul Sarker of Shibpur Upazila of Narsingdi district. Abed is the second in the family of one sister and two brothers. Disoriented in the world when he was not even seventeen, his dream began. Abed turned to freelancing.

Abed said, he started freelancing on the Internet in 2017. The initial experience was not very good. Nibhrit started a freelancing training center in his own name with a dream. At that time the number of trainees was only ten. Due to network problem and less number of trainees, he has to stumble a bit. But he did not give up. Abed moved to the city the next year for personal reasons including studies. After that, he never looked back. After five long years of hard work, he is now successful.

In 2015, Abed passed the SSC examination with science category. In 2017, he successfully passed the HSC examination from the science department. Learning to freelancing without a tutor, Abed wishes to pursue teaching as a career after graduation.

Abed said, "We are two brothers and one sister in the family. Meanwhile, my responsibility is a little more. Along with studies, freelancing has opened up my income avenues. Now the monthly income is close to lakhs of rupees. But at the end of the year, I am earning about eight to ten lakhs. I am taking care of my family and my younger brother's education from the income of freelancing.

Expressing his interest to play a role in eliminating unemployment, this young man said, 'Unemployment is a curse. I want the children of this generation to learn freelancing and manage their own income. I am working diligently in the initiative taken by the current government to digitize Bangladesh. Freelancing should be taken advantage of if you want to do something along with your studies. It is possible to eliminate unemployment if you can work with freelancing for eight to ten hours every day.

Abed has developed a freelancing training center in the city of Narsingdi under the name of independent entrepreneurs. From here, the youth are learning about various mediums of outsourcing including Affiliate Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Lead Generation, CPA Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Currently, half a hundred students are taking training on freelancing or outsourcing at independent entrepreneurial institutes. More than one and a half thousand young people have started working with training.

Md. Ismail Ahmed, a successful freelancer about the freelancing profession, said, 'Outsourcing or freelancing profession will be considered as a big sector to create skilled manpower in Bangladesh in the future. So it is important to properly assess and capture this sector. Due to this profession, the rate of educated unemployed youth in the country will decrease and thousands of people like Abed will get independent employment. This profession needs to be socially recognized as a profession.


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