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Bangladeshi Entrepreneur Samil Hossain congratulated Pohela Boishakh

Bangladeshi journalist and entrepreneur Samil Hossain has congratulated on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh. Throug…

Apr 14, 2024

Zuckerberg announces Twitter Blue-like paid verification subscription service for Meta users

Meta has brought its Blue Tick verification under a subscription model like Twitter called "Meta Verified" for use…

Feb 19, 2023

'TikTok Now' brings a new way to create and connect

TikTok is expanding its creator tools to create engaging content and find new and vibrant communities. ``TikTok Now''…

Sep 29, 2022

If you search the subject on Google, you will be in danger

Google is now everyone's daily companion. When the question that comes to mind can be known by searching on Google. Now …

Sep 29, 2022

How To Double Income in 'YouTube Shorts'

How To Double Income in 'YouTube Shorts' Many people earn millions of rupees a month by creating content on YouTube.…

Sep 27, 2022

Advantages of WhatsApp 'Call Link' feature

Advantages of WhatsApp 'Call Link' feature Now WhatsApp has a new feature. Adding 'Call Link' feature to the…

Sep 27, 2022

What is an eSIM?

The humble SIM card has survived for quite a while, but it’s no longer used in modern, premium phones. Instead, manufacturer…

Mar 3, 2022