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Wonderboy Sadid dreams to play in the World Cup one day

Sadid started playing cricket in Amanatganj of Barishal City just at the age of two.

Sadid, who became a star after a video clip of his bowling performance went viral on social media Facebook, dreams to play in the World Cup one day.

Six years old Sadid, who started playing cricket in Amanatganj of Barisal City just at the age of two, is now studying at Ulalguni Primary School in Amanatganj.

Sadid's cricket practice started under the guidance of his maternal uncle Sirajul Islam Shuvo, who graduated from a private university but did not try to get a job outside Barishal city just for his nephew.

In the hope of finding out Sadid's faults, Shuvo recorded a video of his performance and sent it to Shahriar Nafees, a national cricketer whom he already knew. Nafees inspired Shuvo to continue his nephew's practices and shared the video on his Facebook wall around two months ago.

Then a few days ago, Shuvo recorded another video of Sadid's bowling action and uploaded it on Facebook. The video went viral in a very short time. Even world-famous cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne tweeted it.

How did Sadid dream of becoming a cricketer at such a young age? The story of his being fond of cricket is quite startling.

Sadid's father worked for a private company in Dhaka. When Sadid was barely six months old, he left Sadid and his mother. He has been growing up at his maternal grandmother's house with his mother ever since. After learning to understand, Sadid never saw his father or got close to him. He has no memories of his father.

At the age of two Sadid was given a plastic cricket bat and ball by his maternal grandmother. He started playing inside the house while his uncle was studying in Dhaka. Shuvo was surprised to see Sadid's batting style. He realised that Sadid could become a cricketer if he continued to practice.

"I was a divisional level cricketer. I had a dream to become a national player but unfortunately, I could not. Since I have my own experience of playing cricket, I could easily identify my nephew's cricketing prowess. He was playing fairly well following the cricket grammar at an early age. He was a batsman, especially in the beginning," said Shuvo who has been working relentlessly for the success of Sadid.

"Now I am dreaming that one day my nephew will play in the Bangladesh team. Only then will my dream come true," he said.

Shuvo did not try to get a job outside the city. For him, the practice for Sadid is the most important thing now. "I earn money through private tuition, and spend that money on my nephew's cricket playing."

Three years ago, Sadid's formal practice started under the guidance of his uncle at the dining room of their house. Recalling the incident, Shuvo said, "Sadid was batting with all his strength. As a result, many things in the house were shattered that day."

Uncle and nephew's 'domestic' practice continued. Locking the door of the house, they used to practice till midnight. In the beginning, Shuvo could not guess that Sadid could also perform as a bowler. But, Sadid was greatly influenced by watching a cricket match where Bangladesh national team all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan was the man of the match though he did not make a very good score in batting.

"Then Sadid asked me how Shakib got the man of the match award without scoring much in batting. I told him that Shakib became the man of the match because of his extraordinary bowling. He is an all-rounder," Shuvo said.

Since then Sadid decided to become an all-rounder.

"Initially, I was wondering what kind of bowling Sadid can be taught. Then I decided and told him to learn leg-spin and googly. I showed him what kind of handwork is required for bowling and he mastered it in a short time. Since then he started practising both bowling and batting," said Shuvo.

Like other youngsters, Sadid uses a tape-tennis ball most of the time in his bowling practice. However, he also has experience practising with real cricket balls.

Terming Sadid a 'quick learner', Shuvo said, "I did not expect Sadid to be able to perform so well in such a short time. But he has proved his worth."

Shuvo wishes to coach Sadid till class six.

"I started batting practice following the style of Shakib Al Hasan and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. If I can play well, I can meet Shakib and Virat," Sadid told The Business Standard.

Describing his bowling style, Sadid said, "I can turn the ball. I enjoy fooling the batsmen with my bowling. Batsmen do not understand my ball. Often they become fools. I have scored five centuries in local tournaments. I also got four wickets in one match."

"My dream is to be a player of the Bangladesh national team, and to bring the World Cup to Bangladesh," said Sadid, adding that his uncle helps him practice for a long time every day.

Sadid and his uncle often practice on the school ground next to their house. However, Sadid complained that the field is very small.

Meanwhile, despite gaining worldwide fame, his grandmother Sheuly Akhter has enough complaints about Sadid. "I was disturbed by his playing cricket at home. He often breaks showcases and water glasses. Once when he was practising indoors, I was hit hard by a ball in my hand," she said.

"The boy does not get any help from his father. We have to work hard to raise him," said the grandmother, suggesting how much he has to struggle to grow up in the future.

Sadid's mother Jumatunnesa also does not like her son playing cricket. "I wanted to educate my child but he is not interested in education or school. He just wants to play cricket," she said.

"Sadid is very sincere and dedicated to cricket. If he plays in a match, he can change the outcome of the match at any time," said Rabbi, a youngster who practices with Sadid.

Mizanur Rahman, chairman of Barisal's Fortune Group, has already shown interest in Sadid. He also owns Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) team Fortune Barisal.

"I am interested to support him to achieve success as a cricketer. The boy is our pride and asset," Mizanur said.