Published: Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Infinite Love


Infinite Love
Samil Hossain

In moonlit whispers, love's soft glow,
A dance of hearts that none can know.
Beneath the stars, our secret skies,
Where passion blooms and never dies.

Your touch, a fire, ignites my soul,
Two halves that seek to find the whole.
Eyes meet and speak in silent rhyme,
A love that bends the edge of time.

Hand in hand, through night we glide,
With every step, hearts open wide.
Eternal promise, whispered sweet,
In love's embrace, we find our beat.

Bound by dreams and endless light,
Together, we take flight tonight.

• Author Introduction •

Samil Hossain is a Bangladeshi Journalist & Entrepreneur. He was born in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. Who is mostly known as a Journalist rather than Entrepreneur. Samil is the Editor & Publisher of 'G Voice24'. It is a popular online news portal in Golapganj upazila of Sylhet.

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