Published: Saturday, August 20, 2022
Last Update News 2022-08-20T05:12:17Z

Prices of daily commodities likely to go down from September: Mannan


G-voice Desk: Planning Minister MA Mannan on Friday said the prices of daily essentials are likely to drop from September.

“I hope the prices of daily commodities will decrease from next month as there are some signs regarding the matter,” he told a programme of Janmashtami, one of the major festivals of the Hindu community, in Sunamganj.

“The rate at which prices of rice, oil, salt and pulses are increasing now is lower compared to the past. The prices of these goods are going down on the global market. It will take some time for us to witness the downward trend here.”

Amid the struggle to cope with the record hike in fuel prices, the continuous price hike of essential commodities has put middle- and low-income people under serious pressure.

Alongside rice, the prices of all kinds of food products including oil, sugar, pulses, flour, atta, spices, onions, fish, meat and eggs have increased only to add more misery to the life of general people.


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