Published: Monday, July 25, 2022
Last Update News 2022-07-25T10:10:57Z

Parts of Sylhet city to experience 13-hour power cut per day


Desk news: Sales and Distribution Division of Sylhet Power Development Board on Sunday published a new schedule of load shedding which shows some areas in Sylhet city will not have electricity for 13 hours a day. 

Electricity generation falls in the country due to soaring prices of fuel in the world market. To save electricity, the government enforced area-wise load shedding for one to two hours all over the country from July 19. 

Following the decision, Sylhet PDB decided to resort to load shedding for four hours (Two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening) in Sylhet city area on a daily basis. But, PDB’s schedule failed as Sylhet city residents experienced load shedding for seven to eight hours per day. The authorities said that the schedule could not be maintained as supply of electricity less than half compared to the demand. 

The rural areas of Sylhet are also facing a disastrous situation as electricity remains for only four to five hours a day there, said locals. 

Sylhet PDB chief engineer Abdul Kadir said that in the five power divisions in Sylhet city, electricity demand was 200 MW on Sunday afternoon but they managed to supply only 90 MW of electricity. ‘Power cut is happening for longer hours due to a shortage in electricity supply,’ 

Kadir said. Kadir hoped that the situation might improve within next two to three weeks

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