Published: Monday, March 21, 2022
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Kakon Uzzal is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur

Kakon Uzzal is a wise young entrepreneur from Bangladesh who is determined to move forward towards business excellence. Photo : Kakon Uzzal

The rise of numerous young entrepreneurs has turned heads in the business world as diverse fields and companies have emerged around the world.

No one can question the enormous efforts made by these young and intelligent young men, who have demonstrated their brilliance in establishing successful businesses. These corporate leaders have reached to the top by shattering the glass ceiling of the unpredictable business world, believing in their strong vision and ideas to make their country proud and becoming societal transformers. 

Kakon Uzzal is one of the most recent young entrepreneurs to reach the top of the list.

Kakon Uzzal is a well-known Bangladeshi social activist, and young entrepreneur. He is the owner and operator  of Performics Bangla. It is a Multinational Social Media Company. Provides all social media services both domestically and internationally. He is the current CEO of Performics Bangla. 

He is currently enrolled at Jain University in India, where he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Biotechnology. He is now a full-fee scholarship holder, Study in India (SII) – Government of India Scholarship.He now resides in the Indian city of Bangalore.

When Kakon Uzzal  executed her idea of “Performics Bangla"?

Performics Bangla is an online eCommerce platform that focuses on Multinational Social Media services.

The company offers all social media services and is the first digital marketing platform to do so.The primary goal of Performics Bangla is not to make a profit, but rather to serve.Performics Bangla aspires to be the best digital marketing company in the country.

Bangladesh has a platform to offer. "For the time being, our operations are limited to Bangladesh to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our customers."With the love and support of our well-wishers, stakeholders and customers; we are accelerating at an unprecedented pace and we hope to establish a solid foothold in Bangladesh in less than a year”, kakon uzzal  said.

How far kakon has reached and what does he plans now!

Kakon's family has been very supportive of him. In Bangladesh, there is a family culture that tries to restrict the movement of middle class family members but his family has always encouraged him to do what he wants. Kakon wants to create employment opportunities for many people in the future and do something different for his country.

He is a co-founder Shopno30. Shopno30 has a simple purpose; Creating opportunities for disadvantaged people in Bangladesh and giving them a better life. It will focus on building the careers of disadvantaged youth and reducing the existing hunger problem in Bangladesh. The Foundation is a non-profit organization of volunteers and philanthropists who have come from various eminent industries in Bangladesh and are keen to bring about change for the society. Shopno30 has 5,000 volunteers from 15 countries, including Bangladesh.He is currently the Director of International Affairs at Shopno30.

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