Lose shoulder and arm fat by four exercises

Lose shoulder and arm fat by four exercises

Obesity and overweight cause multiple problems in the body. So many health conscious people now try to shed excess fat. It is often seen that excess fat accumulates in different parts of the shoulders and arms. Which looks pretty bad.

So for those who want to lose weight in this area, there are some simple exercises. Which will shed fat on the shoulders and arms very quickly. Let's find out now from these exercises:

Arm pulse

This exercise is very effective in shedding excess fat adjacent to the shoulder, triceps and bicep muscles. Do you remember the joy of Shoaib Akhtar after taking the wicket? This exercise is a lot like that. However, there is no need to run too much in this case. Stabilize in one place and straighten the two sides, then keep waving like a bird's wing.

Seating Jack

This exercise is similar to a jumping jack, the only difference being that you have to sit while doing it. Keep your back straight, lift your hands above your head in a sun salutation, touch your fingers and bring them down again.

Side pull-downs

This pair of exercises is perfect for smoothing neck and shoulder muscles and shedding fat. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. First you have to sit up straight, then you have to lift both hands one above the other with both sides above the head. If you want to carry weight, you can hold dumbbells in your hand.

Clap in front and back

This exercise is very useful for increasing arm mobility. First you have to sit up straight and clap your hands once in front and then back. If you clap once in the front and once in the back, the bone joint connecting the shoulder and the arm also stays active. Those who try to do these exercises first, do not need to do one exercise more than thirty times. After a week you can gradually increase the time and number of exercises.
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