Published: Saturday, October 30, 2021
Last Update News 2021-10-30T11:33:21Z

Md. Saidul Islam Youngest Musical Artist and Musician of Bangladesh

Photo : Md. Saidul Islam

Md. Saidul Islam is a very talented and hardworking person. He is a proud entrepreneur. He started working at the age of 18. Back then, his peers were obsessed with sports and online games, Facebook, etc.

He is using his potential to the fullest and by working hard day and night he is today becoming one of the best music artists in Bangladesh.For a bright future, he did not dedicate his leisure time to unnecessary work, but with his time on his favorite music, today he has become known as a well-known brand and entrepreneur on social media.

Md. Sadul Islam is a young influential person now managing many international brands and clients. He has proved that only smart work and honesty can make a person successful. Now he is working as a skilled entrepreneur, an extraordinary artist and an influential person.

Md. Saidul Islam was born in Dubdanga village of Ullapara police station in Sirajganj district. He was born on June 08, 2002. Father's name is Md. Jane Alam and mother's name is Sabina Khatun. He started working as a music artist in 2020. His music is already available on online music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Dizar, TickTock, Geosavon and other international platforms.

Asked how he succeeded, Md. Saidul Islam said, “A person has to give up his online addiction in his spare time and work hard to be able to do it later.
"Now you have to spend 5 years and learn as much as possible because I believe this is the time that will help you a lot," he said. He added, "People are as big as their dreams. If someone wants to do something successfully, they have to do it smartly and honestly. So if you want something great, you have to work hard for it." , "Don't waste your precious time, use it in the right way and it will make you successful."

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