Published: Saturday, May 7, 2022
Last Update News 2022-05-11T02:16:26Z

How to stop being judgmental


We are all reasonably discerning and free to use social media tools, so we never even think again before expressing our opinion. It doesn’t matter if the person we judge is right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if the gossip about that person is true or not.

We have to confront that person about their actions. People were seen tricking other people’s characters into posting nasty comments about them and commenting on their physical attributes. It is a sin to overrun the character of another person and point your finger without evidence.

It is stated in the Holy Quran, “If you spread it with your tongue and say what you don’t know, you thought it was a small thing, but by Allah, it was a very big thing.”

Also, many people make decisions based on their appearance and make fun of the attributes of their body. Everyone has physical weaknesses, everyone knows them and feels anxious. So when pointing out someone who is ugly or physically flawed, imagine how you would feel if someone pointed out your anxiety.

Sometimes we honestly want to stop that court police inside us, but we can’t. We all know this inner struggle. So here are some things you can do to get that decision done. Think of these things whenever you judge someone, and hopefully you aren’t in a hurry to judge that person.

1. Take a minute or two, think about all the flaws in you and focus on fixing them instead.

2. Give others the benefit of suspicion that they may be facing a personal struggle. Your judgment only makes things worse for them. Everyone experiences their own struggle. You don’t know the reason behind their actions.

3. Your judgment may increase the likelihood that this person will commit the very act you are blaming them for. Reverse psychology works in amazing ways.

4. Imagine yourself on behalf of this person. How would you feel if the same thing has passed to you? 

5. Do not judge the other party immediately. This person may be on the path of learning. Your judgment can be the next step in that learning curve, and your judgment can prevent them from going straight and confusing them.

6. There is a clear difference between judging someone and putting them on the right path. The idea of judging others has no positive intention behind it. If you honestly introduce someone to Allah’s book, you will do it without judgment.

7. Focus on inspiring others, not forcing them. Looking at the life of our beloved Prophet, people converted to Islam because of his impeccable personality. He did not judge or force anyone. No one should judge, as we are trying to be like him too.

8. Every time you judge someone, try to find your flaws and try to get rid of them.

9. If you can’t say good about someone, don’t say bad.

10. The best way to not judge someone is to care about your business. Please keep it yourself

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