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Md Sumon Mia - Young Entrepreneur and Founder of Otut It

Photo : Md Sumon Mia

Md. Sumon Mia is known as a Young Entrepreneur and Web Developer. He is also selected as the most handsome boy in Mymensingh District. He was born in december 1999. Now he is working as a professional web developer. He developed many websites and few website templates and wordpress themes. 

Md Sumon Mia completed his primary and secondary education from his village school. His primary school name is Purba Malidanga Primary School and the secondary school name is Gohalkandi High School. Md Sumon Mia did his higher secondary study from his own town and the college name is Hazi Kashem Ali College, Mymensingh. Now he is studying in English Literature at Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh. 

Md Sumon Mia has been working as a professional web developer since 2017. He mainly works as a freelancer. He also works as a social media marketer from 2016 to 2018. He maintains many facebook groups and pages. He has a good knowledge in english and works as a customer support agent in e-commerce shops from 2018-2020. Now he is working as a front end developer in an agency and freelancing marketplaces. You may contact him for web development related services.

He started his first company Otut It, in 2016. It is an E-commerce based web solution institute. This company provides E-commerce related services like Web Development, App Development, Order complete, Website maintenance, Customer Support and so on. Otut It has some E-commerce experts from different countries of the world. If you searching for quality service please contact them.

Otut it also provides website design and development services. If you would like to design your company or personal website in a professional way. They are highly recommended for you. Because they have a creative design department and smart developers. So they are able to make your dream website.