Published: Saturday, July 1, 2023
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Surongo Movie 33 Shows in Star Cineplex


Five movies have been released this Eid. Among them, the popular small screen actor Afran Nisho's movie 'Surango' is doing great business at Cineplex. Visitors came to Star Cineplex to watch the tunnel movie yesterday (June 30) ignoring the rain. For this, Star Cineplex has increased the number of halls due to the pressure of visitors.

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It is known that today (July 1) 33 shows of Star Cineplex will be shown in 7 branches of 'Surango' movie today. The movie has already sold out all show-e houseful tickets.

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Raihan Rafi, the director of the movie 'Surongo', posted on his Facebook about the matter. He wrote in it, 33 shows of the movie 'Surongo' will be played today in 7 branches of Record Star Cineplex and all the shows have already sold houseful tickets.

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Director Raihan Rafir said that 'Paran' was released last year on Qurbani Eid. In the beginning, the audience was not too crazy about the film. Hall increased later. But the audience demand of 'Surongo' movie is from the first day. Therefore, from the second day, all the schedules of Hollywood movies have been canceled and the show of 'Tunnel' has been extended. It is a record at Cineplex for Bengali movies in terms of noise.

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'Surongo' stars Afran Nisho with actress Tama Mirza—it was already known. However, actress Nusrat Faria appeared as a big surprise in the movie's item song 'Kalija Aar Jaan'.

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