Published: Monday, October 3, 2022
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Top 10 Interesting Places to Travel


Are you looking for additional destinations to travel to this year? Top 10 places to visit are discussed here.

Let's find out the top 10 destinations to visit:

1. Why go to the Maldives?

Every island in the country looks like a postcard. Along with the white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, it is easily understood that it is number one in the top 10 destinations.

For whom? Romantic couples who are looking for a quiet place away from the luxury life and who want to explore the sea life in the Indian Ocean.

Highlights : Enjoying a candlelit dinner on a floating hotel on the beach.

2. Why go to Serengeti, Tanzania? 

The Serengeti is a 12,000 square mile national park in northern Tanzania. It is the second largest mammal habitat in the world. It is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and one of the ten natural wonders of the world.

For whom? Those who love all kinds of animals.

Special attraction: The right place to immerse yourself in the animal kingdom and reflect yourself in the natural environment.

3. Why go to Antarctica? 

One of the peaks is under the ice zone. You can enjoy penguins and other arctic animals from this site tour led by expert naturalists. There are small luxury cruises or cruise ships to go here.

For whom? Travelers who want an extraordinary travel experience.

Special attraction: The place is perfect for viewing the solar eclipse.

4. Why go to Lake Powell, Utah?

Lake Powell is the perfect place for an adventure close to America.

For whom? For those who love adventure and want to explore the natural beauty of the American West.

Special attractions: Fishing, water skiing, camping, hiking and stargazing. Amangiri is a luxury hotel embedded in red stone.

5. Why go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Travelers have long visited Jackson Hole National Park.

For whom? Anyone looking for an active adventure vacation. Skiing, hiking and natural surroundings make this destination popular.

Highlights : Snowmobiling at Granite Hot Springs in winter and floating the Snake River in summer.

6. Why go to Cusco, Peru?

Cusco is a historic site in Peru.

For whom? Those who like to visit historical places. Peru in particular fascinates travelers with its colorful textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible culture.

Special attraction: Belmond Andean Explorer, a luxury train that will give you the thrill of adventure.

7. Why go to Rwanda?

Rwanda is a tourist destination made up of natural beauty and cultural organization. Where travelers get a chance to trek through the forest. That is why this African country is popular among travelers.

For whom? Those who love trucking.

Special attraction: Gorilla trekking.

8. Why visit Denali National Park, Alaska?

Parkland, great wildlife and Denali National Park to visit.

For whom? The place is suitable for people of all ages to travel.

Highlights: Trekking and hiking through glaciers.

9. Why go to Porto Cervo, Italy?

This Sardinian village developed in the 1960s after Prince Aga Khan discovered the Costa Smeralda.

For whom? Visitors of all ages. Summer is the best time to travel.

Highlights : Solo boat trip to Bonifacio, Corsica.

10. Why visit Sonoma County, California?

Enjoy hiking and enjoy the beauty of California's legendary redwood forests.

For whom? Who wants to visit the top destinations of the year.

Highlights : Sunrise over Sonoma Valley.

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